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Trump Needs Foreign Policy

Donald Trump has excited many voters with his challenge to the status quo. For Americans increasingly accustomed to—and frustrated by—their leaders’ politically-correct and clichéd foreign policy declarations, he appeared both courageous and pragmatic, especially in comparison with Hillary Clinton’s ritualistic repetition of establishment dogmas. Yet Trump has also …

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The Balkans Suffer for the EU’s Refugee Mistakes

Stephen Blank The Balkans are burning. Europe’s refugee crisis has now entwined with the general crisis of governance afflicting the Balkans, and reached its apogee in Macedonia. Between April 13 and 14, Macedonian rioters burned the presidential office and destroyed the building housing the country’s Ministry of Justice …

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Where will the Next Global Economic Crisis Explode? Colossal Stock Market Losses in 2016

Ariel Noyola Rodriguez The year 2016 has hardly begun and the losses in different stock markets around the world care colossal: nearly 8 trillion US dollars during the first three weeks of January according to the calculations of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The Government of the …

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Are Washington, Ankara Seeking To Redraw Syrian, Iranian Borders?

Washington is about to kick off a third American military program aimed at training so-called “moderate rebels” inside Syria. Incredible as it may seem, Washington is about to kick off a third American military program aimed at training so-called “moderate rebels” inside Syria; the US authorities are currently considering Ankara’s request to re-start the …

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