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NSA and Britain’s GCHQ Mapping “Political Alignments” of Millions of Smartphone Users Worldwide

By Eric London In light of the recent US government case against Apple, we bring to the attention of our readers this piece originally published in January 2014: New information made public by Edward Snowden reveals that the governments of the United States and United Kingdom are trawling …

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‘Mercenaries Unleashed’: Report Highlights Threats Posed By Booming Private Security Industry

By Billy Briggs In a new report, a British anti-poverty charity puts Britain at the center of a growing global mercenary industry worth around $560 million to companies in the United Kingdom alone. In its report, “Mercenaries Unleashed: The brave new world of private military and security companies,” …

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Chomsky: Trump Rising In Polls For Same Reasons Germany Embraced Hitler

By Claire Bernish Adolf Hitler rose to power during a period of similar social tumult as that which has currently garnered Donald Trump such fervent support, according to Noam Chomsky. In a recent interviewwith Aaron Williams for Alternet, Chomsky explained how fear, alone, does not sufficiently explain Trump’s surprising …

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Mediterranean migration crisis: transit points, enduring struggles

LEONIE ANSEMS DE VRIES, GLENDA GARELLI, and MARTINA TAZZIOLI The fracturing demands a rethink of the terms usually employed for describing migration movements, such as ‘route’ and ‘border crossing.’ Introduction to a rethink. In the past few years, transit points have increasingly become the landmarks of transient populations …

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