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Muslim Brotherhood: political assassinations in the face of those who disagree with them

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Nadia Hilm

With explaining my case as a model for Egyptian public opinion and the entire international community in confronting the attempts of the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group to send me assassination threatens in my face. Over the past few days, I have suffered from the scandalous effect of the relationship between the American intelligence Agency “CIA”, the Israeli Mossad, and the banned terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the region, with the arrival of a series of threats, pictures, and frightening and terrifying phrases to me, with the solidarity of the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood in Pakistan with its terrorist counterpart in Egypt to threaten me.  And someone sent behind me a message about my liquidation and assassination, following the exposure of the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood group recruiting a number of my teachers, colleagues, and others to abuse me and force me to submit to them in the face of the Chinese.  People contacted me from WhatsApp groups defending that Pakistani terrorist who sent an invitation to me to visit Pakistan and communicate with the Egyptian embassy in Islamabad, and blame me for publishing his message to me publicly by communicating with me despite being an unknown person to me and everyone, and his determination to invite me to Pakistan despite my refusal of his invitation  to me several times, as is evident in public, except for his suspicious determination and ending his speech with the phrase, “My boss will contact you immediately, despite my insistence on refusing to accept his invitation to visit Pakistan throughout my conversation with him, given the exact timing of sending that invitation to me, after my scandal of the CIA’s attempt to recruit me for work”. In (the advanced intelligence pre-emptive genius project funded by the Advanced Intelligence Research Activity Department of the CIA), and their recruitment of many people, professors, and colleagues to confront me to try to force me basically to implement their terms in the face of China, as it is my only major specialty for more than 15 continuous years.  And my full and complete knowledge of its affairs due to my depth with it.

I also received a warning, proven by evidence, that the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood and its branch specifically in Pakistan attempted to liquidate and kill me after my scandal and exposure of the CIA game with my teachers, colleagues and others, and the conspiracy against me by fabricating fake reports of insanity against me.  And alerting me of the necessity of my escape and disappearance in any way, because the terrorists in Pakistan insisted on liquidating me, after my scandal to their agents in Cairo and the fabrication of reports against me.  Then send me a message informing me that the terrorist Brotherhood organization in Pakistan has taken a final decision to liquidate and kill me.

Then I received real messages, affixed with pictures, oh the great people of Egypt, its ancient army, and its respected leader, warning me of my imminent liquidation and assassination by the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood, such as the arrival of a warning message about my liquidation and assassination, by sending pictures and news of mutilation and death to a woman with a beautiful goodbye written on her, on the WhatsApp application.  This is as a warning message from the terrorist Brotherhood organization that I will soon be liquidated and assassinated.  And that is the reality of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is prohibited to assassinate and kill those who disagree with them like me, and to form blocs against everyone who disagrees with them, or rather, to be more accurate, they are given orders to mutilate and kill him, as they did with me.

So today I submit an urgent report to the Egyptian authorities and the security services in Egypt, in which I explain to their sovereignty all the attempts to kill, liquidate and threaten me by the terrorist Brotherhood organization, and their insistence on killing a woman they have been tracking for years based on American and Western orders and directives after rejecting any invitations for her to work and recruit in a super-genius project.  The internationally advanced intelligence preemption with the CIA, or any attempts to recruit it in the face of the people of Egypt or the Chinese file.

The matter did not stop at this point by the banned Brotherhood group in confronting me after I exposed them. Rather, continuous contacts continued with me on the day immediately following my exposure. Terrorists from Pakistan communicated with me through letters and e-mails that are proven with me and with evidence, from countries that house the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood to invite me to them or to accept them.  Publishing and writing articles and analyzes in its most famous and most important newspapers and websites, and this is what happened and is happening with me for the first time after I exposed the invitation of the Pakistani terrorist to me the next day directly, as a person from the state of Indonesia contacted me and photographed him on his WhatsApp profile with the Qatari Prince “Hamad bin Khalifa”, the father of Sheikh Tamim, the Emir of Qatar, and requests scientific cooperation with me without any prior knowledge between us at all, and many people continued to contact me asking me to cooperate with them from countries that harbor the international organization of the Brotherhood such as Pakistan, Britain, and the United States of America, all of them once and in a short period asking for cooperation  With me in anything I want.  In a more precise sense, there are real, proven attempts to track me down.  And this is in a final attempt by the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood to protect the members of their terrorist organization in Cairo to save them or save what is left of them in my last confrontation with them before the official Egyptian and Chinese authorities and authorities and before the eyes and ears of the Egyptian and Arab public opinion and the entire international community, as the most resounding scandal that the organization will suffer.  The international Brotherhood terrorist in the face of a woman and a lonely young academic in the heart of Cairo, after their size dwindled and they rallied to confront and engage in war with a lone woman in their confrontation, who is crying out to remove their ears from her for no comprehensible reason, other than their attempt to compliment the American and Israeli side in confronting me due to my closeness to China.

Also, during the last period, after exposing the Pakistani terrorist’s call to me directly, I was subjected to a fierce campaign of blackmail on my part by members of the banned Brotherhood, by directing insults and insults at me, and then sending messages in defense of the isolated “Mohamed Morsi” and the rule of the banned Brotherhood… So I wrote that letter  Specifically, to one of the people who defended the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and the deposed “Mohamed Morsi”… I wrote it while crying with indescribable bitterness, because the banned Brotherhood entered into a confrontation that was not understood at all, except as a courtesy to the Americans in confronting me with my closeness to the Chinese and my refusal of the Americans’ invitations and their recruitment of me..  Therefore, I wrote to those who were defending the rule of the Brotherhood and “Mohamed Morsi”, that particular letter, which I leave you all to read in its spontaneity, in its simple language, according to my instinctive feeling with which I wrote that letter to respond to its author… Here is the text of the letter:

I mean, for those who defend the rule of the Brotherhood and “Mohamed Morsi”… My personal experience with them is completely far from politics, and their disagreement is with the regime… They used to form blocs against me everywhere before, until I started attacking them. Since yesterday, they send me pictures of killing, assassination, and destruction. They make blocs.  Against me in the Chinese file and the university to harass and punish me without any humanity or any understandable reason at all.

I mean, regret, they are not affiliated with a religion and do not know our Lord, His Qur’an, His religion, and His Sunnah right to know Him. When they destroy one woman who did not do anything to them at all, and may God know until the last moment, I swear to God Almighty, I was an agent, but I received their blows and stabs against me… And their hearts were as black as black, and there was not an iota of mercy in their hearts, nor did a hair shake for them, while they were working to harm me.

I am talking about my personal experience with them, far from any disagreement they have with any regime.  And our Lord testifies that I used to treat all people well, and despite that, I did not escape from their plots, oaths, and false testimonies.

In short, gentlemen… I saw the bitterness and the blackness of them, until they fought me to eat my livelihood and increase my income. When I went to any place they knew, they used to congregate against me.

I saw their blackness, their evil, and their oppression, and I saw no mercy in their hearts.  This is the summary of my relationship with them, or rather, the one I saw with them

My situation stopped, my work was destroyed, I refused everything because of their problems with me… In the end, when I responded and screamed, they started sending me pictures and death threats.  And just like that, they are the Brotherhood countries that I saw, and I did not see any sweet part of them that I could think of for them, whether from a human or human point of view.  And they are not forgiven for the great day of the situation

. And after presenting that previous letter in which I complain about the attempts of the international organization of the terrorist Brotherhood to track and harm me over several years.  It becomes clear to us, O great people of Egypt, and with conclusive evidence and over the past days and period, after a succession of scandals of the terrorist Brotherhood, the true extent of violence associated with the banned terrorist Brotherhood in confronting women and the use of violence and the highest levels of terrorism in confronting them, so I became a living example of the violence of the banned terrorist Brotherhood in  Confronting Egypt, its people and its great army.  This brings us to the point of connection of violence and the issue of political assassinations with terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt since its establishment, and we find that there are many terrorist operations that the terrorist group carried out or tried to implement over many years, in addition to its bloody struggle with the authority in a desperate attempt to reach it after it  Everyone pronounced it, until the Egyptian government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a banned terrorist organization after a series of violent and bloody crimes committed by terrorists from the banned Brotherhood against Egypt and the region.

On the academic side, we will find that the language of violence has been present in the group’s literature since its founding, with its explicit text not to accept the other who disagrees with it in any way, just as according to the constitution of the Brotherhood terrorist group, the assassination of the enemies of the call is part of the Islamic faith, so their support came unanimously by agreeing to the assassination of the late President “Anwar Sadat”, who basically ordered the release of the group’s leaders and members from prisons and allowed them to return and practice their political activities, and despite that they did not keep the covenant with him. The special system of thought of the banned Brotherhood, and that it was entrenching the idea that political assassination is a Sunnah of Islam in confronting all those who disagree with them, as is the case with me.

Here, the founder of the terrorist Brotherhood group, “Hassan al-Banna”, divides in his book on “Memoirs of the Call and the Caller” for all Muslims into two parts, considering (those who belong to the Brotherhood are the community of believers in society, and those other than them are not spared from deficiency). This was exactly what applied to my case, given the practice of the members of the banned terrorist group, the Brotherhood, to the highest levels of violence in their confrontation with me in an unprecedented international manner, in addition to those continuous consequences for me without stopping for one day.

The founder of the group, Hassan al-Banna, has called since its inception to fight those who do not accept the call of the Muslim Brotherhood, saying: “We are at war against every leader or head of a party or organization that does not work to support Islam, and does not go about restoring the rule of Islam and the glory of Islam. We will declare it a feud”. There is no peace or relent in it until God decides between us and our people with truth, and He is the best of the conquerors.

Here, after presenting my personal experience in confronting the banned Brotherhood, we will immediately understand the reasons for the societal rejection of that terrorist group, as a result of the violence and extremism that it pursued against the Egyptian state, its people, and its institutions throughout its rule and after its isolation, in order to threaten the pillars of the state and cause discord in Egyptian society and among all its children.

As it is clear to us and with evidence and according to my personal experience in confronting the terrorists of the Brotherhood and then my understanding of the reasons for their popular rejection, this radical terrorist takfiri expiatory thought and discourse of the Brotherhood in the face of everyone who disagrees with them, and the most prominent example of this is the emergence of the takfiri expiatory thought and discourse of society in the presence of the isolated head of the regime at the time “Muhammad Morsi” without announcing his reservations about that, which was evident in the (Conference of the Legitimacy and Reform Authority to Support Syria), on June 15, 2013, and in the presence of the country’s president at the time, “Muhammad Morsi”, when the Salafist “Muhammad Abd al-Maqsoud” attacked those who called for exit in  June 30, describing them as (infidels who apostate from the religion of Islam), without the isolated “Muhammad Morsi” interfering at all at the time to stop him, and this confirms and highlights the extremist terrorist takfiri expiatory though of the Brotherhood in the face of everyone who disagrees with them, despite their continuous rhetoric of renouncing violence, but  Reality confirms that violence is an integral part of the Brotherhood’s ideology.  And I am the most vivid example of what they did to me on a personal level, and indeed to all of us.