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Weapon Of Mass Deception

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The contemporary world has initiated a debate on media warfare which is more horrible than the direct confrontation in any way. Yes, you hear the right words. This is the reason we look for neutral media houses for the projection of authentic ideas. Media, as being the fourth pillar of state has lost its authentication. The very prime reason include corporate allies and their interests. Misuse of this has given rise to multiple problems including propaganda and a threat to democracy worldwide. Somehow, this platform has given public the opportunity to speak up for their problems but manipulation and exaggeration along with false reporting has created a chaotic situation. The further breakdown of mainstream media into social media domain is not letting major media sector to redefine its laws governing its principle. The distinction should have drawn in all media platforms in an inclusive manner.

It has been labelled as a weapon of mass deception because of the destruction that it caused through false propaganda and narrative building. The recent example of this deception can be cited from Kashmir, Palestine and Ukrainian unrest. This resulted in misguiding public and diverting the attention from main problem that is the actual bone of contention between the conflicting parties. There used to be a time when every reporting was real and authentic. The ideas projected were based on true facts. The world was operating on neutral approach although competitions were there. Now, the approach has been changed with a new theme and that is disturbing the world’s peace. Not everyone is travelling across the globe but is aware of what is happening that shift is beneficial for a limited cause that was purely a just cause but served its purpose that was the vested interest of the elites who creates knowledge for the people.

As it is better understood that how media plays role in the nation building process. The partition of Sub continent was significant in this regard. But, the negative politics can be utilised to defame a nation as many nations suffered this loss during war on terror like Afghanistan. The media warfare of narratives to deceive people is at top and were internationalised. Today, everyone knows Afghanistan as a place that was a safe heaven for terrorist because of the label world has attached to it through media propaganda.

Social media is not a media in the context of state institution as argued by critics. It was mainly because it varies in the accountability procedure. As it invites un negotiated things through amalgamation and formulation of opinion power to target particular audience in an effective manner. The state media and social media are two different things but can be utilised in one way as weapon of mass deception although both have different and command mechanisms. The sources can be accessed, assessed and at the same time be utilised to persuade general public to reform their societal structure by deploying integration method. Though they suffered a loss to their status when people exercise their freedom of expression which then poses a threat to their counter beliefs and ultimately challenges the notion of sovereignty.

Though it is a necessary part of our lives but the system needs modification. A proper platform for depiction and information should be made as an independent sovereign body. The amended and adjusted system must be incorporated with the involvement of government. All such platforms should be held accountable for their reporting in order to avoid spread of false news and reports during crisis time. It can only be done when private and public domain merge under the umbrella directly supported by government channels and representatives.