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New Elections: Economic Recovery & SME Future

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Humankind problems need humankind solutions. As 200 nations try to survive, 10,000 cities try to shine; some 100 nations are going to general elections in the next 500 days. The restlessness is visible; the screaming audible and pandemic damage incalculable. Only those incumbent political leaderships and their national institutions with smart deployments by their trade groups and agencies will have a better chance. The world in a wash-spin, nations in soap bubbles, draining talents and human resources all are out of control with little or no signs of any long-term stable solutions. Nation-by-nation, win or lose, will depend on new thinking and common sense economy programs.

So long, the political punditry clings to old political divides and tribalism, like a storm of hungry locust the “covidians” the covid-experienced displaced populace of the world, now a new global voice, will instantly devour and excrete old ideas. Winning is a new game of new narratives on upskilling for the future. The citizens, once assured of upskilling to face a new future with almost free technologies, become better recipients for future economic models and may share new vision.

The next major revolutions will not be about some abstract global climate change, carbon-tax ideas, but about hardcore grassroots prosperity solutions. First, you need food in your stomach before clean air, jobs or business income before taxes, plus long term economic progress plans before other distractions. Otherwise, unable to fathom the future, current competency levels may end up stripped naked on the block for being insufficient. The 100 plus incumbent governments must act now and all matters of upskilling and reskilling.

Technology will eventually make “Futurism Workless” if social structure were to fail. The current dazzle of glittering cities, surrounded by tent cities will eventually drown into their own imbalances.  Needed are the hardcore debates and discussions, live on national stage, supported by critical analysis on behavioral economical changes.  Needed are the brand new view of national ‘occupationalism’ backed by massive and pragmatic upskilling and reskilling. The bandage programs like the USD 2 Trillion rescue packages of the USA may fail to deliver solutions of any permanence.

Now, if we divide the world population over a billion++, four major groups emerge; China, India, Africa and the rest of the world, a new picture appears. Study “population-rich-nations” once considered a cursed nation for having to feed too many hungry mouths today armed with technology each hungry mouth is transforming into a mini-micro productive enterprise of sorts. Within the last two decades, China and India alone have far more middle class people totaling to all middle classes of the world combined.

Now, today’s big question is how a knowledge-rich-nation survives in the long run. Because amazing growth opportunities hidden in the knowledge-rich-nations but critically lacking mobilization and deployments to engage and tango with population-rich-nations is still way beyond the current skills levels of the business economy institutions, trade groups, chambers and associations already mandated as gatekeepers of grassroots prosperity developers of most nations.  Upskilling of frontline, management is the missing link. The “covidians” will also force their governments to revisit “full-national-employment” needs and test if their national economic productivity performance will afford monthly helicopter-money. The runways are getting smaller to keep the restless citizenry at bay.

Ignoring SME a mistake, broken promises even a greater blunder; mobilize midsize business economy

What if there is a plan of national mobilization of the midsize economy on digital platforms of upskilling and exportability within a nation? Are there 10,000 or 10,000,000 small medium exporters and manufacturers, are the local chambers, trade-associations and related ministries and agencies mandated to foster economic growth upskilled enough to come under one umbrella as a new mandate. If such programs were to quadruple these businesses, would this not end up each creating some 10-20 new jobs? What will happen if organized plans rolled out, especially when such programs are necessarily not new funding dependent rather they are deployment hungry and execution staved. ,

What if: “Allow Million qualified foreign entrepreneurs to park within your nation for 5-10 years under a special full tax-free visa and stay program. Which nations have qualified dialogue on such affairs? Observe how hard, during the last two decades, nations across the world have tried incubators; today, mostly empty real estate projects. Governments and Academia were unable to create entrepreneurialism; however, the same governments created great armies. Trained to dig trenches in rain and sleep in open fields, they developed great officers, but not by drawing pictures of tanks on white boards or running around with water pistols in the classrooms. Bring in, land million entrepreneurs in your nation, and create 10 million plus jobs and new wealth in following years. Let your own institutions and frontline management learn how such economic developments created.  Be bold, as the time to strategize passed now time to revolutionize has arrived”. “Excerpted from keynote lecture by Naseem Javed, Global Citizen Forum, Dubai, 2013.”

In response to such urgencies, Expothon Worldwiderelentless in pursuit and authoritative with actionis tabling a special “high-level-global-debate-series” via virtual events in coming months.  Key players and gatekeepers from various countries, ready to highlight their talents and wisdom on such grassroots economic development frontiers should contact with some details.Study more on Google.