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Andy Duncan

Are we beginning to witness more of a sea-change in the world? We see President Donald Trump in the United States attempting to roll back some of the American state. We see Chancellor Sebastian Kurz attempting to roll back some of the Austrian state. And now we see President Jair Bolsonaro attempting to roll back some of the Brazilian state.

[I’ll avoid talking too much about the gigantic mess of Brexit and that appalling globalist robot, Theresa May, but at least the process of Brexit has formed some part of the same momentum.]

Yes, we can all hope for the Hoppeian pipedream of waking up one glorious day surrounded by unicorns and pixies, along with a perfect constellation of tiny private law societies all over the globe, and be typically picky about each of these men and their imperfections in terms of libertarian flawlessness. We’ve been so successful with that particular strategy, over the years.

However, back here in the real world, I’m generally becoming more and more hopeful that we’re entering a new phase in history, one where we might actually reach that world of unicorns and pixies, one day, along with at least some Hoppeian private law societies.

Yesterday evening and this morning, I’ve been reading several UK-based ‘summaries’ of President Jair Bolsonaro’s inauguration speeches, such as this ‘hissy fit’ one in the Guardian, and all of these reports were typically biased, with snide epithets such as ‘far-right’, and carefully chosen quote ‘snippets’ designed to bring much frothing to the mouth of any typical Leftist.

President Bolsonaro made two speeches. The first was a formal one to Congress. The second speech was one made to the public. If you’d like to read both speeches, in full, to make up your own mind, please click on this link, sent to me kindly by Christiane Silva Salomoni. Both speeches are, as you might expect, written in the beautiful language of Portuguese, however your browser translator should do a good job of rendering them into the language of your choice.

The main points of the second public speech were the following, which I’ve translated myself from a Portuguese text graciously sent to me by Helio Beltrão, along with some help by Google Translate, which does often tend to shred Portuguese a little:

“I stand before the whole nation on this day and regard it as the day when the people began to free themselves from socialism, the inversion of values, the bloated state, and political correctness.”

“We cannot allow disastrous ideologies to divide Brazilians, ideologies that destroy our traditional values, destroy our families, and destroy the very foundation of society.”

“Brazilians can and should dream. They should dream of a better life. They should be able to enjoy the fruits of their work generated from their own merit. The government must be honest and efficient.”

“We will expand our infrastructure, simplify and reduce our bureaucracy, and remove distrust as well as the burden of government from those who work and those who produce.”

“We have abundant mineral resources, fertile lands blessed by God, and a wonderful people. We have a great nation to rebuild and we shall do this together.”

[While holding the green, yellow, and blue Brazilian flag in his hand, at the end of the speech…]

“This is our flag, which will never be red!”

Magnificent words. I hope we see at least some of these words brought into reality, as President Bolsonaro attempts to drain the vast swamp of socialist Brazil. He really does have his work cut out, especially if he wants to make government honest and efficient I suppose, but I wish him the very best of British luck.