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The power bloc: Turkey is done with the EU, and now eyeing a Pakistan, Russia, China alliance

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Erdogan wants to join China-Russia bloc via Pakistan.

By Zain Khan •

The power bloc

A power bloc may just be formed from the friendship between Ankara, Islamabad, Russia and China. As celebrations are ongoing for the 70 years of diplomatic ties between Turkey and Pakistan, the long economic relations between Ankara and Islamabad bring China and Russia together to form a formidable four-nation bloc.

The relationship between Pakistan and Turkey has dated back to several centuries and this has been the foundation for bringing the two nations together that could possibly gain from the power bloc, that is,  China from Pakistan’s side and Russia from Turkey’s side.

Erdogan wants to join China-Russia bloc via Pakistan

Both nations have traded more diplomatic trips and signed military deals worth millions of dollars but Turkey was the first to start speculations about possibly having a power bloc with China, Pakistan and Russia in November. The Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan declared publicly his country’s intent to joining a bloc dominated by Russia and China and give up hope on joining the European Union.

He made relevant suggestions towards the seemingly Turkish regime’s polices in the wake of the failed coup which was anti government in July 2016. Erdogan declared joining forces with China, Pakistan, and Russia amidst the criticisms for his policies with the coup conspirators. The EU  has been delaying talks about the membership of Turkey and this has enraged the Erdogan government and now more motivated to seek this powerful bloc as an alternative.

Recently, the Shanghai cooperation Organization (SCO) led by China and Russia has caught the interest of Erdogan. The game changer for the world would be Ankara joining the most ambitious organization in Eurasia. This could help to give rise to the China-Russia-Pakistan-Turkey power bloc and an even more powerful and formidable military and economy compared to China-Russia-Pakistani-Triangle.

Why has the time come?

The first time the Turkish military, Janissary Mehter band which was established in 1299 took part in the recent Pakistan Day Parade. It was met with a standing ovation when it played ‘Jeeway (Long Live) Pakistan.

Turkey has always been a close ally to Pakistan on many international issues, especially backing Pakistan’s stance on the issue of Kashmir. Last year, Turkey disagreed to back India on joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) but supported the membership of Pakistan in the NSG.

Erdogan, during his visit to Islamabad in November, reiterated that his country is eager to strengthen ties with Pakistan. This visit was months after the Turkish President visited Moscow where Putin discussed strengthening of economic, diplomatic and military ties. What this means is that the four nations are coming together from all directions and could likely form a four nation power bloc in the near future.

Turkey to join China, Russia-led bloc, not EU

Criticisms from the west  has plagued the President’s persona in the last few months, if his country officially joins forces with China, Russia and Pakistan thereby giving up the long hopes of joining the EU over the decades, this would make more sense, same thing the Turkish President suggested a some time back.

There’s a higher chance for Turkey with respect to joining China and Russia led SCO than that of the EU. As Ankara holds vital importance for Eurasia and has served as a prominent ally for the organization, Turkey should expect deeper relations within the SCO says the Chinese Foreign Minister. In December, China has agreed to consider Turkey’s application to join the Chinese and Russia dominated bloc.

Erdogan has reinstated that Turkey should pursue joining the SCO and that Turkey doesn’t need to be part of the EU ‘at all costs’. His statements came in after he cleansed his country’s military following the failed coup in July 2016 and an aftermath of plummeting relations and a lack of trust between Ankara and the West. Pakistan, China and Russia supported with him firmly and expressed solidarity with Turkey while the West critiqued his methods of punishing the organizers of the attempted coup during his government.

Are Turkey-Pakistan-China-Russia coming together soon?

China, Pakistan, Turkey and Russia has stepped up efforts to strengthen ties within the bloc. They seem to be gearing towards the creation of a four nation power bloc

China enjoys a close partnership with Pakistan and Russia relies on stability in its relations with Turkey. Russia seems to be abandoning India, it’s top Asian ally for several decades and restoring ties with Turkey and warming up to China on all fronts and strengthening ties with Pakistan. Recently, Pakistan has started getting diplomatic, military and economic support from Russia and has been particularly close to China and Turkey for years.

Turkey is still one of the major allies in terms of diplomacy, trade, economic ties and defense cooperation of the Pakistan. With China, Ankara has enjoyed stable economic and military ties but their bilateral relations are set to hit the roof after the support showed by China over the attempted July 2016 coup during Erdogan regime. As for Russia and Turkey, after the Turkish Air force downed a Russian jet in 2015, it took a strain on their bilateral relations, recently Moscow and Ankara, are beginning to restore ties.

They seem to be focused towards creating a power bloc of four allied nations between Ankara, Beijing, Moscow and Islamabad.

Originally published by The Duran