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The World Gets Further Into Chaos In 2017-2020

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As the US is getting into nationalism as well as many other European countries, world peace will be in danger. By April 2017, war in Syria will be over; however, other wars will break out in the Middle East including North Africa.

Terrorists will be benefitting more from the sense of nationalism among many peoples of the world, but mainly in Europe.

The Americans will give due focus to their internal issues under US President Donald Trump who voiced readiness to set about making sweeping changes and undoing much of Barack Obama’s legacy.

In the UK, British Prime Minister Theresa May is going to initiate the legal step that ignites Brexit talks end of March as the UK transforms its relationship with Europe and the rest of the world.

The Netherlands will have elections in March 2017, signaling the rise of far-right populism across Europe with the right Geert Wilders party, the Party for Freedom (PVV) which is leading in the polls ahead of the general election.

The French elections in April and May 2017 with expectations of the National Front Leader Marine Le Pen to win similar to Trump’s landslide victory over his opponents will stand for nationalist parties winning and ruling central Europe. Le Pen intends, if she wins, to leave the EU, leaving Germany in the middle of chaos facing many burdens from other EU countries which would rethink of leaving the EU to be part of the Russian Federation including those countries which got their independence in the aftermath of the demise of the Soviet Union.

The May elections in Iran would bring about a hardliner to rule the country, influencing the Middle East and other parts of the world.

The major elections will be that in Germany where longtime German Chancellor Angela Merkel is slated to lose elections to national parties. This would mean the breakdown or demise of the EU.

Other important elections are the Chinese by end of 2017. All of these elections are detrimental to world peace.

As for Italy which faced tough elections few weeks ago, it would be facing financial hardships amidst mounting unemployment rates, leading the country to exit the EU as it will be a heavy burden on the EU states.

Since the world will be facing a financial crisis in 2017-2020, the right wing parties will be ruling most parts of the world, staging civil unrest in most of these countries with a domino effect on the Middle East causing rocketing levels of terrorism  and warfare.

Shehab Al Makahleh

Originally published on RusisWorld