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Terrorism Antidote: Libya Mulls Requesting Russia for Anti-Daesh Airstrikes

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The formation of a national unity government may pave the way toward asking Russia to conduct airstrikes on Daesh positions.

 The request to Russia on the launch of airstrikes against Islamic State (IS or Daesh in Arabic) can be submitted only after the formation of a national unity government, which will be in exclusive position to make such decisions, the Tripoli-based government’s foreign minister told Sputnik.

“This decision can be made, only when the government of national unity is formed, it should take such a decision. We are currently striving to create such a government,” Ali Abu Zaakouk said.

Due to negligent policies of Western countries Libya is on the verge of being engulfed by terrorism and becoming the new stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State), Olivier d’Auzon wrote for Le Huffington Post.

The internationally-recognized Libyan government in Tobruk and its rival in Tripoli signed a UN-brokered accord on December 17 to form a national unity government in a bid to end hostilities.It is expected that the Libyan government’s delegation will hold a meeting at the Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday.

Libya has been in a state of turmoil for years after the Arab Spring protests in early 2011 led to a civil war, and a western military intervention helped Islamic rebels overthrow the country’s long-time leader Muammar Gaddafi.

The instability that has plagued Libya since 2011 has facilitated the emergence of numerous militant groups, including Daesh. It is a designated terrorist organization that is outlawed in Russia and numerous other countries.