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The Next Yugoslavia? Greek Minister Claims Europe at War With Athens

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European countries, international creditors and the Greek opposition have declared a war on Greece (resembling the one on Yugoslavia) but the government will stay true to its election promises, Labor Minister Panos Skourletis of Syriza said.

 “The months following the elections were extremely hard. Never before has the government, which received a clear popular mandate, faced such a war waged against authorities from within and from abroad,” he told Athens residents, adding that it is an undeclared war.
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

The situation resembles the one with Yugoslavia prior to the beginning of the NATO bombing campaign, Skourletis pointed out. “They are waging the same war with lies and propaganda,” he said.The aim of this campaign is straightforward, according to the official. These forces seek to “undermine public trust for the government forcing it to go back on its word and break election promises,” he explained.

The labor minister pointed out that the government is doing its best to tackle the humanitarian crisis. It introduced a law on income support and will not cut wages and pensions. Pension supplements amounting to some $180 will also stay.

“The government will deliver on its promise. Syriza is a hard nut to crack. We will not back down,” he said.

The Greek minister added that adversaries of the current authorities are trying to bring the government under control so that it would translate laws sent via email from English into Greek and put them to vote, like it had done before.