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Protesters Occupy London Parliament Square Ahead of General Election

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A group of protesters from the Occupy Democracy group gathered in front of the Houses of Parliament in London on Friday, ahead of May 7 general election, demanding that the members of parliament act in the interests of people.

The protest action is expected to last for 10 days. However, as protests are restricted on the Parliament Square, police vans arrived at the scene to ensure that the protesters do not pitch tents and stay overnight.

“It´s seriously scary if the present coalition of Tories [the Conservative Party] and Lib-Dems [the Liberal Democrats] get reelected. It would be the end of the Welfare State but the Labour party has done not enough to win the argument against austerity,” Left Unity Party ´s candidate for Vauxhall (South London) Simon Hardy told Sputnik.

Hardy added that the small parties are the ones that can change the situation in the United Kingdom for the better and make sure the true democracy exists.

“People are turning towards the small parties on this election because the main parties under this undemocratic system are not speaking to them.”

The protesters argue that they advocate the rights of homeless people and for those who struggle to pay massive energy bills.

The UK general election will be held on May 7, 2015, with voters going to the polls to elect 650 lawmakers to the lower house of the British parliament, the House of Commons.

No single party is projected to win an outright majority, resulting in forecasts of a hung parliament. The same happened during the last election in 2010, leading to a coalition government between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.

Source: Sputnik