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Black PR by White House

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By Elchin Mehdiyev

Azer News

The trite phrase that “history repeats itself” has been nowadays acquiring the most bizarre forms. If once the US was a colony of Europe, now everything is repeating itself exactly in the opposite direction. And it impossible to give any other name to the US attempts to hinder the holding of the first-ever European games in Azerbaijan.

Today, the “united” Europe is so divided, so mired in internal problems, with no consensus, no leadership qualities, that it can’t resist Washington. This is reflected in not only the politics and economics, but also, as practice shows, in sports.

Europe’s stance on the matter looks strange – it just keeps silent.

And there is an impression that Azerbaijan, which will host the First European Games, is the only country that wants to unite Europe, at least at the level of sport.

This is especially true in light of those political and economic processes that take place in the EU and at its borders.

Of course, the European Games are just a pretext in relation to Azerbaijan. Eurovision song contest, and all the major events subsequently held in Azerbaijan were such a pretext as well.

If the power and money put by the West to the campaign to slander Azerbaijan had been aimed at solving conflicts, it is safe to say that a fair solution could have been found for not only the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, but for all the conflicts in the post-Soviet area.

Today, Azerbaijan has gained such momentum of development that no one better stand in its way.