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Biden Faces Increasing Pressure from His Own Party Amid 2024 Election Concerns

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Diana Casey

As lawmakers reconvene on Capitol Hill this week, the focus is shifting to President Joe Biden’s viability as the Democratic nominee for the 2024 election. This comes amid growing concerns that Biden’s faltering poll numbers could jeopardize Democratic efforts to secure majorities in both the House and Senate. The stakes are high, and the anxiety is palpable within the party ranks.

President Biden’s performance in the recent debate against former President Donald Trump has intensified these concerns. The June 27 debate was a pivotal moment, exposing Biden’s vulnerabilities as he stumbled over words and struggled to project confidence. This has led to a significant faction of House Democrats openly calling for him to step aside. Among them is Minnesota Rep. Angie Craig, who represents a battleground district and has publicly urged Biden to withdraw from the race.

The president now finds himself at a critical juncture, facing a reckoning within his own party. In recent interviews, Biden has been resolute, asserting his intention to stay in the race. However, the lack of unanimous support from Democratic lawmakers is telling. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), speaking on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” underscored the party’s unease. He noted that while down-ballot candidates are currently outperforming Biden, their success is intrinsically linked to the president’s fortunes.

“At present, our down-ballot candidates in the Senate and House are doing well. They’re all ahead. They are running well ahead of the president, but you can only run so far ahead of the president,” Schiff remarked. “Joe Biden is going to need to consider, for his own sake and his own legacy, can he beat Donald Trump? Is he the best to beat Donald Trump?”

Despite these growing concerns, some Democrats have rallied to Biden’s defense. Reps. Murphy, Padilla, and Schiff appeared on Sunday talk shows to support the president, albeit in the noticeable absence of higher-ranking party leaders like Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, and Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.). Notably, Clyburn, a pivotal figure in Biden’s 2020 campaign, canceled a scheduled appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” raising eyebrows and adding to the speculation about the president’s standing within the party.

The media’s struggle to find Democrats willing to defend Biden on air is perhaps the most glaring indication of the party’s internal discord. Fox News Sunday host Shannon Bream highlighted this issue, stating, “Our team has spent days reaching out to dozens of lawmakers and Biden advocates and allies. We’ve had numerous interactions with the Biden-Harris campaign. But not a single potential guest was either able or willing to join us on today’s show to defend the president and his decision to stay on the ticket.”

As the Democratic Party grapples with these challenges, the path forward remains uncertain. The upcoming months will be crucial as Biden’s supporters and detractors within the party navigate this complex landscape. The president’s ability to unify his base and present a compelling case for his candidacy will determine not only his political future but also the prospects of the Democratic Party in the 2024 elections.