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Monstrous Global Trends: 2030

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Monster trends responding to new emerging circumstances worldwide arise slowly from the deep sanctum of the global economic behaviorism of humankind and become giant monsters, forcing unimaginable new changes that alter the course of human endeavors and impact all from top to bottom of humanity. Recent examples include the extraordinary knowledge explosion via the invention of the printing press when horse-riding was replaced by the automobile, peaceful living turned into World-wars, or our world turned upside down via the Internet. Later the same world flew out of the window via smart phones.

Triangulation of three catastrophic monstrosities approaching fast will bifurcate the world into two halves,  the “old school world order, the 4th Industrial Revolution and seek and destroy doctrine” against the “new school of First Industrial Revolution of Mind, National Mobilization o Entrepreneurialism to uplift SME sectors to open globalization on real value creation, fair trade models.” A new world cometh, a new understanding of mindsets arrives, and new global age suddenly becomes the new reality.

Futurism demands futuristic literacy; nevertheless, studying the world a decade before the arrival of the Internet or horse riding culture before the automobile is an introductory study. Moses never had a mobile phone, but what if he had, or if we still needed to develop one? The phone did not fall from the sky, but a remarkable person arrived first; the rest is history—monster global trends are human-made evolutionary changes for humankind to advance. Henceforth, new thinking is not only offensive when transformed into change brutality. The future opens to open minds.

FIRST: Human Intelligence Collides With Artificial Intelligence.

A global scale test of human endurance against machines is already in motion here; the combined human wisdom cascaded over millennia, exercised millions of cultural fragments and billions of incidents of extraordinary human endeavor, now facing an artificial act of artificial ignorance, wrapped as artificial intelligence, during last couple of decades for an all-out front stage open war. No need to book a front seat; you are already sitting on the stage. This monster will strangle you where ever you are and whatever you do.

Nevertheless, this entire circus is packaged like a ‘Pet-Rock’ in a gift box, a rock placed inside to be fed and cared for like a personal pet. Study the sixties, the era of nonsensical marketing gimmicks. However, this can become extremely dangerous and possibly a nightmarish scenario.

To understand levels of ‘intelligence’ the levels of ‘stupidity’ must be identified. 

The Stupidification of artificiality; Like a wide-open canyon still unable to fathom the knowledge gap of the populace, it is wide open enough not to realize that AI is neither a runaway train chasing its agenda, but rather, exceptional programmers in caboose managing the entire railway systems. On the other hand, AI as brilliant programming can contribute immensely to global societies, but ‘fake pretended intelligence’ against natural human intelligence only makes it the largest destructive force and con-game on humankind.

Hollywoodism school of global mind management, in its traditional and make-believe style of cinematography, plays tricks with human minds and unexposed naivety and rewrites history to create selective narratives. There is neither, nor ever any human intelligence of any type in any machines whatsoever. It is all about boasting brilliant programming, superior human-made software, and engineering.

Today, the populace is convinced that soon the arrival of the sniper dog battalion managing riots will be AI smart enough to target and shoot the undesirables. The illusionists are now propagating the powers of AI as emotionally thinking robots with a soft touch and merciful killings, along with the dangers of the runway radicals on hunting sprees and serial killing.

Hate-Wars: Anticipated to lead a glamorous arrival of Digital Rapture with its eschatology to rewrite all religions and create global hate wars, selected city-by-city, and house-by-house. ChatGPT and its 100 off-springs all lined up in a 24x7x365 format under constant programming on a worldwide scale experiment to shake down humankind’s intelligence. The bifurcations of pro-AI and anti-AI will either allow full acceptance and surrender to AI as a new techno-religion or smarten up and seek the First Industrial Revolution of Mind, which must replace the long-awaited and persistently absent Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Digital-Anarchy will create Digital Rapture:  When hyper Digital world is declared as AI-Centric-Halloween parties overtake civility, running like a 27x7x365 hunt as a macabre festival where dawn and sunsets, dead and alive, human and animal, are all the same, running in chaos in a lawless cyber frontier worldwide. Billion customized narratives with hoax illustrations, false facts, and fake impersonating videos in unimaginable poses and situations, drenched in damaging hate exploitation to witness the rise of anarchy where the only consolation remains: Rapture, as a final note on eschatology. AI will bend humankind in real time to collapse into Fraud, the 8th Circle of Dante’s Inferno

Is Dante alive? Suddenly asks humankind, yes, now everybody is a Dante, replies AI. Is this hell or heaven? Yells humankind, again. Yes, booth, in the same place, double-feature, for half the price, AI whispers and smiles wickedly,

Be prepared mentally and be ready physically. Unless running a rehab center, those needing daily motivation will require regimented and well-balanced learning to advance personal and economic development. The future demands futuristic literacy, proven performances, and global age understandings.

SECOND: The Economic Thought Clashes with Entrepreneurial Intellectualism

Civilization progressed just fine before the advent of the school of economic thought. Last century, the significant contribution of economic thinking was primarily to invent unique and advanced instruments to serve special agenda for special interests and create forensic catalogs to sustain control on economic thought as the only supremacy of innovative mathematics left to generate debt and triple-hedged economies, printing currencies, and declaring all this great success.

Is this the fancy economic footwork and mathematical witchcraft which created globalization and brought half the world to its knees? Is this what systematically destroyed the middle classes? Was this the creation of the information age, service economy, or crypto-tyrannies, with unique tax heavens and unlimited debt ceilings? Humankind can do better without such mathematical intellectualism and return to actual hardcore value creation and entrepreneurialism, happy to pay fair taxes.

Henceforth, the most significant error of economic thinking is the clash between mathematical equations where entrepreneurialism is way out of the league of the economic intelligentsia. For example, we already have one million organizations created by entrepreneurs, each creating a million jobs. Do we have at least one Nobel Prize winner economist who created one such organization? Study, a brief history of small and medium enterprises of the world

On the eve of the last global financial collapse, the world’s economists were happy-go-lucky as all was going normal and oblivious to the 3 AM panic calls on economic collapse to the White House. Numbering games are only numbering games. They, at best, create smoke and screens but not real value creation, which is a by-product of an entrepreneurial mindset on productivity, performance, and profitability. Study more on Google.

Openly challenged and openly debated. Economic development without entrepreneurialism is economic destruction. There is no political power without economic power. There is no economic power without entrepreneurial power. There is no entrepreneurial power unless the mindset hypothesis is balanced. The mindset hypothesis creates a balance between the job seeker and job creator mindsets. No further proof is required:

Increasing the debt ceilings are not economic successes but a grand failures. At the risk of never getting nominated for the Nobel Prize in Economics, here is a dark fact; an economy solely based on measuring value manipulation as economic success is nothing but a public fraud for ignoring value creation as the accurate measurement of the only fundamental components of economic success. What is new thinking of SME sectors?

Challenging the current visible economic failures, here is the global-age answer with new economic thinking for some very offensive narrative for being a brand new thought; change is always fought to the end. This is an authoritative, entrepreneurial response based on already continuous historical successes and real hidden values created by the national mobilization of SMEs in the USA, CHINA, India, and dozens more.

Multilateralism and Blocs are on the rise; BRICS, OIC, African Union, Commonwealth, and ASEAN, plus others, across the free economies, political leadership underestimated the rise of broader knowledge acquired amongst the global populace and overestimated the role of education. In contrast, bureaucracies grossly underestimated the powers of digitization and overestimated their productivity. Observe the rise of Africa and its role on global stage.

The greatest error of economic thinking was always treating an SME as small, like calling a baby elephant too small proves an evident lack of zoology knowledge. Entrepreneurial mysticism drives a tiny little enterprise into a global giant. The biggest challenges are hidden in this need to understand the national mobilization of entrepreneurialism within economic development. Furthermore, a need to know how fast the population-rich nations are taking over the knowledge-rich nations is where the next decade will carve the world’s economic powers.

Nevertheless, failing to understand the ‘mindset hypothesis, ‘the difference between the job seeker and job creator mindsets is the first step to getting eliminated from any serious dialogue on the subject of SME economic recovery. Failing to articulate the ‘national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ is the second step to getting eliminated from any economic development activity as a whole. More on Google

Chasing access to finance or Fintech is like acupuncture on a dead body unless entrepreneurialism is present as a prime circulation artery, throbbing and pulsating; only a real live economy is entrepreneurial because a solely numerically-run economy is already a dead economy, like a postmortem without any plans to win a gold medal with a motionless body.

Challenged are the free economies of the world, separated are entrepreneurial economies, and isolated are the ones who need help deciphering how the national mobilization of SME entrepreneurialism will uplift grassroots prosperity and save nations from economic collapse. Although the world is already on the precipice of some grand-scale economic collapse if it ever survives the lingering financial technocalamaties, it is already transforming to entirely different models of economic thinking and new structuring of city models with unique styles and new definitions of work.

 The next global financial crisis should be enough to prove that economics is a significant mathematical exercise at best as forensic and has no place for job seekers’ mindsets to create real value creation unless balanced with job creators’ mindsets.

Large-scale solutions: What would happen if all the skyscrapers were developed by highly qualified architects with great ideas, sketches, and rendering but critically lacking hardcore experiences of erecting skyscrapers without construction builders with solid skills and mastery of building codes? What would happen if half the skyscraper collapsed? What would happen to the art and science of architecture driving the city skylines with half of the buildings with smashed towers? How long would this go on, and what level of up-skilling demands be placed on such discipline and city planning? How has the world transformed with constant economic failures and mathematical catalogs of schemes? Good architecture around the world is based on architecture parallel with construction skills. Combining job seekers with job creators is the best model for achieving economic development. Solely in the hands of job seekers, and economic mindsets, economic development without entrepreneurialism is economic destruction. Study more on Google.

No proof is required, as a single week of quick audit and testing of any government department of finance and economy or SME, across any nation speaks volumes on such critical discrepancies.

Here are the five difficult test questions; if they ever created a small or medium enterprise and made it a worthwhile business success? If they can articulate why simple ordinary people start odd crazy SMEs out of the blue, why, when, and how they turn into national or global giants and their hidden motivations. What are authoritative enough narratives to create a qualified economic development model if they can articulate anything about authentic and generic entrepreneurialism? If they can explain if they recognize and happen to be job seeker mindset and how and why they differentiate from the job creator mindset, what positive charge it will create when combined. Such questions will boost productivity and bring clarity to economic development.

THIRD: Downtown Cities Lose to Downtown-Less Cities

Monster trends redefine our surroundings, erode century-old traditions and perceptions, and alter our thinking. Built over centuries, the image supremacy of any city was always its downtown, nurtured over centuries, modified, updated, and constantly modernized as art and rewarded as an exclusive real estate at 100% to 1000% premium priced over standard city space. Historically, it worked wonders, relating to the central part or main business centers and high-class commercial areas with residential and entertainment sections of any small town or megacity.

Office towers provided the skyline. Neon signage at the top of the skyscrapers provided the image supremacy to the name identity. The sparkling skyline provided the collateral to attract traffic and tourism to the city. Businesses only rested once they acquired the best downtown spot to boost their profile for the stock markets and impress the marketplace. This process repeated across the world during the last century. The iconic buildings, amazing head offices, and across the developed world, they received billion-plus commuters inside the downtown limits and, after a full day of cubicle slavery, left at the end of the day to go home, sleep early and start all over to commute the next day.

The slender, glossy vertical prisons of corporate bureaucracy once dominated the economic and political powers of the world, now with the advent of Zoomerang virtual culture, half-empty, gasping for more pollution to survive. The commute of billion-plus cars causing critical damage to climate is now starting to end.

Behold the ‘industrial age’ and how it was developed by cheap and hard labor; now notice how smart and fluid minds provide wings to uplift the ‘digital age’ worldwide. The free world’s economies desperately need a quick immersion in the fundamental differences between the two; the ‘physicality of work’ and the ‘mentality of performance.’ How will this new math drive human productivity, affecting performance and profitability? Why will this art save national economies?

HR ignored the inhuman issues of cubicle slavery under the billion-car-rat-race of gas-guzzling frenzy. No matter how remote, office-less productivity demands new measurements of value creation either delivered via rested minds or already exhausted water-cooler-huggers or mad-max-survivors.

Recommendations: Why will city planners hesitate to accept such realities openly? Why will they not take future issues on the ‘physicality of work’ and cope with the ‘mentality of performance’? After all, this is a new shift and a new divide in the workforce. The gold watches for 50 years of service culture are now for old classic movies. The executive washroom keys lost their powers. The floors, clocks, and calendars have lost meaning as the 24x7x364 free flew productivity culture is rising. Public and private organizations need new HR thinking to restructure virtual organizations to dance in virtual economics and skate on global digital platforms.

A Downtown-Less City Model: We were at this crossroads over a century ago; the horse’s replacement completed the invention of the car. The horse was not supposed to pull the car’s body, while the engine was not supposed to pull the carriage. Likewise, smart offices need smart minds working in digital space within the digital world. Offices with bodies moving around are now only gatherings of the old models.

The small and medium enterprises were barred from downtown clusters of towers, but for a good reason; lack of luxury dollars. However, a well-planned program for SMEs may be a hidden option. Small and medium enterprises with high potential may become free tenets when they reach a point of maturity and become rent-paying tenants. This rent creation mechanism will create the ‘grand central hubs’ of innovative incubation centers for creative innovations and give downtowns a new look. Today, another option is occupying such empty towers for people experiencing homelessness.

For the last decades, almost all senior, middle, and lower management made billions of trips to downtowns of the free world daily. They paid the most expensive parking, ate day-old sandwiches, and shrugged around water coolers as a private cultural outing. Bound, gagged and chained to their cubicles, they daydreamed of liberation. As a result, the workers suffered immensely, inhaling pollution on the way in and again on the way out while immersed in nonsensical meetings of inconsequential order. As a result, the downtown corporate bureaucracies started breaking apart a decade before the Pandemic.

Visible every night around the free world, the once sparkling downtown oozing vibrancy now lay low as dimly lit clusters of ghost towers. Written on the wall decades before the Pandemic, the futurism already declared as ‘work-less,’ ‘office-less,’ and ‘job-less’ while the downtown real-estate politics in denial took a different approach. The power of urbanization is to the test here.

Propagation of this new virtualization of economic models eliminates office towers, removes the centrality and supremacy of downtown, and questions their role as the most significant contributors to pollution. Nevertheless, further exploration of such thinking also destroys the meaning of modern business education and its values and powers, if any. The new change is unique. That is why it is a very different change and highly offensive to old thinking. While the pending crisis is real, testing options are about staying close to reality, as the rest is only lingering fakery.

The Re-Immigration Factor:

Immigrants helped and developed the Western World; they will now move to their homelands and build already invigorating countries. Long-term immigration created a highly influential workforce for developing nations. The need for advanced skills will become visible problems for developed nations. The rainfall of technologies will make micro-power-nations become highly streamlined productive economies. The sharp decline in quality of life and hate toward immigrants will be the main driving force. Observe the first noticeable rise in Asia as millions of highly qualified immigrants suddenly returned to their homelands for fierce scrutiny, checkpoint behavior, and treatment across the USA and developed nations and openly declared potential terrorists in 2001. Notice how the adjustment and rise became a super boom to local cities and villages, and a new phase started.

The monster: downtowns of the developed nations force a billion plus to enter the city core, the most expansive section, sucking up energy and costs, reducing productivity, and later exiting every day to long commutes home, once again causing climate damage and wasted time. This slavery should have ended a decade ago. Covid provided the kick. Global rains of free technologies deliver all the solutions and communication technologies to outperform while remote in preferred habitats with 24x7x365 predetermined hours.

This is potentially a grave dystopian scene that could spread across Western nations, a grand reality still in deep silence, unspoken debates, and hush for the final arrival of new thinking.

The Monstrous Triangulation:

Artificial ignorance will strike, impersonating intelligence and disrupting society like nothing ever in the past disturbs the inner sanctum of humankind. Digital narrative with maximum personalized data will further weaponize the fakery. Having lost the credibility of institutions, the global populace will take a restless approach to constant economic failures and fight out the doctrine of seek and destroy—national mobilization of entrepreneurialism to rebuild national citizenry will open new national debates. The climate change debates, circular economy, or ESG mandates are all economic issues seeking meritocracy and entrepreneurialism. The collapsing downtown will provide a new frontier of the first industrial revolution of mind and remote working, plus uplifting of SMEs, a new vitality for the nation.

The destructive forces will force new changes in real-time—a massive difference from previous slow-moving trends. , fight for survival, and ideological differences combined by balancing mindsets with job seekers with job creators to make extraordinary progress. Emergence of new thinking will outsmart stagnation, diversity and tolerance will emerge.

Expothon narrative:  Henry Ford neither invented the tire nor the car engine; he created the Assembly line. Expothon neither created the SME nor the exportability. It began advanced thinking on ‘national mobilization of entrepreneurialism’ as a highly streamlined, 24x7x365 simultaneous synchronization of the largest but most ignored national asset, now, a decade later, gaining global attention. Expothon has been sharing information weekly with some 2000 senior officials at the Cabinet level around 100 countries for the last 50 -100 weeks. Mastery of new entrepreneurial economic thinking is a new revolution on SME Mobilization. A global high level, virtual event series will further advance the agenda, debate and clarify and table turnkey mobilization options in the coming months. Study more on Google.