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The Dilemmas: Unbeknownst to Others

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Jehanie Nagon

There are numerous problems that surround our very existence on the planet now. One of them certainly is the advancement of the so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI). It brews in particularly deceptive moment when the mankind is at a breaking point; seeking for the moral triumph and the (generally tolerated if not universally acceptable) winning narrative.

Individuals and world institutions see AI systems as the solutions to their problems, from automating tasks to simplifying hard algorithmic structures into simpler forms through machine-driven intelligence systems. Most people believe that AI technology is a modern hero for generating internet-structured information. Based on some research articles, AI started in the 1950s, and it was built as a subset of computer science by some computer scientists to perform automated algorithms for the machines to help them function as a non-human intelligent system to automatically help solve machine-generated issues.

People behind it must have thought that AI would revolutionize the world in the future [and it did] and would help industries easily commercialize mass-produced products, goods, and services. Humans created AI, but now AI is creating cloned humans, such as from AI-related technologies like genetic cloning, artificial brain chips, artificial medicine, and 3D technologies that are used for manufacturing artificially made foods, like lab-grown products. But one should understand that AI technology has many downsides. We should widen our knowledge of this technology, as having less knowledge of it can be dangerous. It might put us in risky situations that we may regret in the future. Analytically, AI can be used by anyone for good or bad, and it can also be categorized as a light system or a dark system.

There are many articles, blogs, published books, and papers talking about the modern world and how it will shape the future. We are already in the future. We will shape the future, in which our descendants will either live or die. Now, the public officials who have the money, fame, authority, and power and who are making uninformed and illegal decisions are imposing bills to put control on each of us. We must allow ourselves to act like humans and not their slaves. We all know that government systems are important in each nation as they help our nations get organized and collaborate for global interests. We all come from diverse backgrounds, and having a system like the government would easily help us connect.

All meant by Govern-ment

But governments nowadays cannot easily be trusted because they are part of global depopulation programs, and most of these government officials are taking orders from the elites and following the orders of the black sun or the dragon families. The world’s powerful authorities always fund these governments, and they can decide whether they will be on the good side or the bad side. Hence, there are only a few hundred thousand people who understand how the world works, and these are the ones who are always seeking the truth and are always trying to uncover the hidden facts of the world’s economic events. Technically speaking, governments cannot protect us against the dangers of world-created issues like greed, corruption, terrorism, and war because they are part of them.

In addition, a government is a system that connects all the institutions like the United Nations, WHO, WTO, World Bank, EU, IMF, WEC, Red Cross, BIS, Interpol, ICC, CDC, NIH, NSF, FDA, and others. These institutions play a significant role in changing our daily engagement with the world. Many world institutions are mandating misinformation and manipulative media campaigns for the public. We should never let ourselves be programmed by the media. One should understand his or her value. That is why learning and understanding the law is necessary to protect yourself if no one else will, since everybody else has their own agenda in life.

Our communities should be more focused on assisting their citizens and giving them the right information, but it seems that it is not likely going to happen because the control from the highest officials is holding back the good people providing public service from doing good, which makes our current situation more difficult. History is repeating itself.

Technologists have now categorized our world into two categories: we can either live and interact in the real world with a real universe, or we can be part of the current wave of living in a virtual world with a virtual universe under the technological advances of AI and its other similar technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality. Everything is programmed and simulated. Also, the robotics industry is increasing enormously, and we must prepare ourselves. It has never been like that before. Technology is increasing, and the world’s natural resources and reserves are depleting.

Do you still see a future for yourself and your future family? Or you will let the technologies decide how your future will look, how you will suffer and be a slave to the dramatic changes in technologies, and how you will struggle financially as the current technologies, especially artificial intelligence, are changing the status quo of the current working space. Major companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon are laying off their employees to cut costs. More than 11,000 employees from the biggest technology companies have been laid off, and small and medium companies are doing the same to restructure their corporate systems to stay competitive and generate more revenue.

This happens because companies around the world are afraid of bankruptcy and falling behind technological trends since everything is advancing every single day. These established companies want to stay ahead of their competitors, especially newly emerging businesses and hyper-competitive entrepreneurs. Manufacturers and production facilities are creating millions of products and services every day. The modern world’s biggest players are in the fields of finance, biology and technology, energy, healthcare, medicine, clothing, food, fashion, transportation, e-commerce, outsourcing, remote work, automation, and sales and marketing. The employees will be dramatically affected by these changes, and those who study and learn will easily find ways to protect themselves physically and financially.

The current world situation is disturbing. Humankind has produced thousands, if not millions, of new products and services in the past few years, ranging from clothing to fashion-related inventions, plastic-related products, and other nonsense inventions that are unhelpful to the earth. Our relationship with technology is so strong – tends to create stronger psychologized bond. And it inclines to be highly addictive.

We put ourselves in a critical condition by being obsessed with newly invented technologies, and 50 percent of these technologies are very harmful to us. Not everyone is interested in studying the advantages and disadvantages of technology consumption. It is significant to reflect on whatever we do, especially with the use of modern technologies, as it would give us a clear idea of how we can overcome the changes we are facing presently.

Health and cognitivity – two sides of a same coin

In healthcare, COVID has been the main topic since the year 2020. There are still billions of people who are unaware of what is really behind the COVID (which actually means Certificate of Vaccine Identification) thing. It is all about the depopulation program that was set up by several people—operatives, agencies, governments, politicians, and elites—to decrease the human population by 90 percent. It is a biological weapon and a weapon for mass destruction. Health institutions are using media agencies and systems to play along with their games and propose bills to control humanity. Illegal health mandates such as taking a vaccine and booster, wearing a mask, and being locked down are all considered acts of global mass genocide. It is critically important to understand theoretically the essence of breathing the natural air and why wearing a mask can cause several respiratory illnesses that may lead to the production of spike protein in someone who’s vaccinated. Scientifically, based on some validated research and scientific papers and articles written by the people who are part of the restoration program, even if you are not vaccinated but are exposed to those who were vaccinated, you can still be subject to a spike protein infection. The vaccines can systematically and electronically transfer or send programmed computer viruses to those vaccinated with the use of AI, computer systems, and radio frequency towers. This global pandemic was planned many years ago as a lock-step operation to spread a programmed virus to kill humanity. Everyone who’s vaccinated is subject to early death syndrome, famously called “SDS” (Sudden Death Syndrome) by researchers, scientists, and medical doctors who are helping to restore humanity and encouraging everyone to act for their health and seek justice if their family members were vaccinated and oppressed.

The pandemic has created new forms of businesses relating to remote work setups, virtual jobs, telehealth, telemedicine, and many more that are operating electronically without the need for a physical governing body. The use of AI and other modern and advanced technologies has had a horrible impact on the lives of billions of people, not only physically but also mentally, emotionally, psychologically, and neurologically. There are hundreds of startups in the industries of biology and technology that are already in progress, and many people are still blind to the truth about who is funding these types of companies. Several published papers showed information about the mere intention of several known vaccine companies like Johnson and Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and others. These biology and technology companies are still at the first stage of global mass destruction, and this is just the start of their game. This is just the beginning, and the next wave of pandemics is nearly coming. While vaccinating billions of people from six continents, these major players have profited billions of dollars and made themselves wealthy, of course, with the help of media agencies and systems, journalists, reporters, researchers, AI systems, scientists, fake doctors, the film and movie industry [motion pictures], the internet, global tech companies, search engine companies, politicians, governments, actors, marketing and advertising, and health institutions, who were all part of this, and most of them were bribed or paid under the table for these global pandemic operations. Some of them are just following orders and not even aware of the truth about coronaviruses and how this was well planned several years ago. It is a crime against humanity. The laboratory in Wuhan, China, was used as propaganda to manipulate the people into believing that it was only China who made it, but China is part of this global depopulation agenda. We must understand that politicians are paid actors. Anyone who is part of this depopulation plan is being handled by the people above. They follow orders from those who are higher than they are.

They don’t care whether the orders they take harm or benefit the people. We should stick it in our thick skulls that one of the main reasons for this pandemic is to kill all the organic humans and replace the planet with inorganic humans. That’s what they are planning to accomplish. There are only a very few people who are very intelligent and well informed about the truth in our world’s situations. These people are well-educated and are working on the good side for the betterment and restoration of the planet Earth. They are doing work behind the scenes without the use of the media, and 90 percent of the population doesn’t know anything about these people or how they are fighting against the demonic authorities who are working on the dark side. We need to be wise enough to not be slaves to the governments that are imposing illegal laws and manipulative narratives. As you go through their lies and agendas, you are putting yourself in a dire situation and staking your life. Some sources are stating that our birth certificates are under the control of our government. We are considered corporations and financiers of government officials. We are the ones who chose them to serve our nation. And if you act against them, you will be considered a threat. We have the freedom to choose our path in life. So, you must wake up and always seek the truth. Nothing good is going to happen on our planet unless we start within ourselves.

We are the driving force of our future. Whatever we do in the present time will shape the earth. Our minds are so aggressive and curious about everything. We need to hold our thoughts before executing them. We must always remember that our actions are our liability. We, as humans, must practice building a good mindset to allow us to think better and be compassionate with everyone and anything we have in our surroundings. Our minds can easily change things. We must be careful with what we create and build, as this will either help us to better our lives or it could destroy our human civilization. Innovation and invention are the catalysts of our future, and these are also the foundations of our current economic, political, governmental, environmental, and social developments.

Future full of Empty Choices?

There are already many established inventions that can be used to restore the planet, and we need to use them. But inventions related to AI will make everything in the world more complex and competitive. This technology is also wildly used by companies that manufacture smart cameras for global monitoring and tracking, and this honestly violates our privacy, safety, and security. Many speculations are going on about AI and chatbots and how these technologies are creating a hyper-competitive world between employers and employees. There is an AI tool that is widely used nowadays because of its features and characteristics. It is creating a dramatic change in the field of media. This AI tool is known as ChatGPT from OpenAI. The structure of its system is like a search engine, but the difference is its ability to respond within seconds in a non-human-like conversation. The first step that you must take is to input your commands or prompts in the box section, and then this AI system will respond to you as if it is a friend who is talking to you virtually. Other bloggers, influencers, and media journalists have tried some ways to use the system and experiment with it. They even published their tutorials through articles and videos to give their feedback about how this new chatbot system works. Most of them were amazed at how the system provided information in a fast-paced setting. Some have also commented that the AI system has no human tone. It does not sound like a human. This AI system is built with billions or trillions of pieces of data from the whole internet. And the interesting thing about it is that it has a high probability of attracting writers, authors, influencers, publishers, and the media to produce misinformation, disinformation, and manipulative narratives. It will create a new industry where misinformation can easily be written, and this will destroy humanity and spread manipulative narratives for money, fame, power, and control. People should understand that consuming any information on the web and the whole internet would change how we view things, especially facts. The media publication agencies and systems want us to fear their narratives. So, we get brainwashed to do what they want us to do. Even if they ask us to get vaccinated, many people will still believe their lies. The world is still running the slave trade program, and it happens every day in any part of the globe. It is profoundly important to do a study about anything that we see and hear before letting our minds conclude; otherwise, we may face the consequences. The world is changing too fast, and most of us are still behind the global agenda. If you allow these officials who are trying their best to enslave you, this could be the end of your freedom—your freedom to feel that you are a human.

But there is nothing to be afraid of—we are all co-creators. We can invent. The future of the world starts with us. This power within requires our comprehension that we manage our lives and our future through intrinsic mindfulness. Having the right thoughts will allow us to reflect on our own actions and wrongdoings. That’s the first step in the earth’s restoration. (Healing as a cognitive event.) Let’s show love, care, honesty, and compassion to our planet. Lastly, at every step on this path, the Supreme is within us. Let’s work together and restore our habitat!