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Ukraine Says It Might Use U.S. Weapons to Invade Russia

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Eric Zeusse 

In order to understand this matter, some fundamental background must first be briefly presented; and it is this (the remainder of this paragraph): Ukraine’s Government has consistently promised that it will retake Crimea, which had been part of Russia during 1783-1954 when the Soviet leader Khrushchev then transferred it to Ukraine, and which subsequently broke away from Ukraine in 2014 to rejoin Russia. Russia has re-established its sovereignty there, after a 2014 referendum in Crimea showed over 90% support by voters for Russia to do so. That’s the background.

On June 1st, when the White House announced that it would be sending to Ukraine weapons that might be used for invading Russia, Jonathan Finer, deputy White House national security adviser, said Washington had asked Ukraine for assurances the missiles would not strike inside Russia. On June 3rd, Ukraine’s Government rejected that request.

At the time when Biden made that announcement on June 1st, Reuters noted that, “Biden announced the plan to give Ukraine precision HIMARS rocket systems after receiving assurances from Kyiv that it would not use them to hit targets inside Russian territory.”

Either the U.S. Government is lying, or else the Ukrainian Government is lying, about this matter. If Ukraine did give Biden “assurances” that those weapons will not be used so as to invade Russia, then Ukraine’s announcement on June 3rd proves that Ukraine was lying when it provided those “assurances.”

If Ukraine did not give give Biden such “assurances,” then Biden was lying.

If Ukraine was lying on June 3rd to say that it won’t comply with Biden’s request, then that was a lie from Ukraine.

Here is the way Russia’s RT News reported, on June 3rd, Ukraine’s rejection of Biden’s request (assuming that Biden did make such a request; wasn’t lying about that):

Kiev may strike Crimea, a Ukrainian presidential aide says, despite assurances US weapons won’t be used to hit Russian territory.

Ukraine will use US-supplied rocket systems to strike into Russian territory should it deem such attacks necessary, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Alexey Arestovich said on Thursday. …

“Crimea is ours. It belongs to Ukraine. And they [Russia] know it.” …

Arestovich’s comment comes despite US Secretary of State Antony Blinken saying on Wednesday that Kiev has given Washington “assurances” that it won’t use American rockets to attack targets in Russia. …

Arestovich’s statement echoes the claim made by another Ukrainian politician. Egor Chernev, a Ukrainian MP, said on Wednesday that Russian aircraft and military stationed on Russia’s territory are “legitimate targets.”

If Ukraine uses U.S. weapons to invade Russia, then under existing international law, the U.S. will be a participant in that invasion. Russia would have a good case that (given the facts which have just been documented here), that participation would be either intentional, or else negligent. It would not have been unintentional on America’s part. Russia would, at the very least, then ask America whether that participation was intentional, or instead negligent. If America says “negligent,” then Russia would ask what America will do to rectify that matter. If America instead says “intentional,” then there will exist, from that moment on, a hot war between Russia and America. The loser in any hot war between Russia and America will escalate the conflict to a nuclear war in order to avoid becoming conquered by the other side. That would be not only WW III but a nuclear WW III, and would destroy all of the allies of each side, and would severely contaminate even neutral countries, and end globally in a nuclear winter, which would possibly end all life as it has existed on this planet.