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Post Pandemic Recovery + SME + MFG + Skills + Job

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Naseem Javed

Unless big potholes are filled, the roads to post-pandemic-economic-recovery will only create more traffic jams; the challenges are something like the Olympic Games of Economics played by highly skilled players on worldwide digital highways, not to be confused with routine games at local community ballparks. Most economic development issues of today are global-age centric, demanding special global-age skills to solve issues of our new digitalized world of future trading in harmony for common good and mutual prosperity.

Three crushing factors;

ONE: The 50/50 Factor: In broader strokes, no matter what only 50% of the world will open andremaining 50% drift away in 50% closures while billions plus displaced, replaced, misplaced workers wander and other 50% gone far away remote and 50% downtown dimmed. When the united forces of “Work + Office + Health + Money + Politics + Future”clash with “AI + AR + VR + Remote + Zoom” the surprises will be the next 100 national elections scheduled within the next 500 days. Covidians will vote on meritocracies and seek leaderships ready to face truth, accept mistakes and surrender to honest real value creations over confusion of crypto-fantasies.

TWO: The Meritocracy Factor: The cruelty of pandemic further magnified when once mighty institutions and rotundas of political leadership across the world may lose 50% or all of their remaining credibility. It is not just the cost of bureaucracies lingering for decades to a nation butthe real losses are 1000 times bigger than lost opportunities in the global markets. Digitized mobilization to uplift meritocracy is a new art. Testing and upskilling all frontline teams of all layers of the national economic agenda to mix and blend with virtualized economic expansion is one of the top priority solutions.

THREE: The Fear Factor: The widespread ‘fear’ amongst western economies of gradually losing global market shares hurting advancements.  The western economies recognized over centuries as super successful knowledge rich nations now losing to population-rich-nations, while population rich as cursed nations for feeding hungry mouths, today, they are blessed as each citizen with mobile devices in hand now a potential trade center. Western economies already on defense creating tectonic shifts on trade-skills against highly productive Asian nations are lacking collaborative activism.

Overview: Western economies over decades abandoned upskilling and lifelong learning in a big way, convinced that Universities and YouTube will take care of all, furthermore, when reading daily newspapers is already dead now study of Atlas as daily routine is a new survival kit, only skilled entrepreneurial warriors with global thinking ready for tolerance, diversity will survive. Ignored are the hidden national treasures of entrepreneurialism and global-age thinking.  Proof is in numbers and global indices on performance scales.

Missing from mainstream media, political punditry and academia such critically harsh but hot topics now also a proof of their ‘fear’ while their silence challenging their levels of competencies and confidence levels required tackling the new post pandemic world. Nevertheless, freshly printed money will run out and soon test the architectural structuring of the house of cards. Why do knowledge rich nations have the greatest opportunities to open up to some 200 nations and 10,000 cities and what type of sweeping mind-shifts are needed and what is stopping them?

Revolutionary Options: The National Mobilization of Midsize Economies 

Stage One: Those nations awakening with the principal philosophy of the ‘National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism on Digital Platforms of Upskilling for Exportability’ are harmoniously narrating the new global-age mantra; constant learning, constant disruption, constant advancements, constant dialogues as post-pandemic recovery and humanistic realities. As undeniably,  “Work + Office + Health + Money + Politics + Globalization” suddenly, combined into one single global task, creating original new thinking and bringing impossible ideas, people and faraway lands closer and entrepreneurialism in center.

The Real Test: Any global regions interested in adapting such thought leadership, normally address the common difficult questions: Are there enough small medium enterprises within a nation ready to quadruple their performance, productivity and profitability and display their goods and services on the global stage? Are local trade groups, chambers and associations of the nation in agreement to uplift exportability via upskilling? Are local government agencies fully skilled to cope with such global-age and transformational challenges?  When such programs are not new funding dependent, rather execution and mobilization starve, so what is stopping them. The world can easily absorb unlimited exportable ideas in unlimited vertical markets. The well-designed innovative ideas are worthy of such quadrupled volumes.  The entrepreneurial and dormant talents of a nation are capable of such tasks.  The new global age skills, knowledge and execution are now the missing links

Stage Two: One: Identify and create a national agenda to upskill SME on innovative excellence and exportability. Two: Deploy trade associations and Chambers on digital platforms so memberships skate nationally and globally. Three: Quadruple midsize economy via upskilling for micro-exports and reskilling micro manufacturing. Explore how Expothon Africa is expanding across the continent and how Dr. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim is planning a systematic approach to nations and what are the key lessons while the new global TV Show series on critical grassroots prosperity solutions lining up world-class experts. Regions best bring like-minded trade groups and agencies and create high quality virtual events for local leaderships. The time to change has already passed, the time to mobilize and revolutionize has arrived. Study more on Google.

The 47th G7 Summit UK: The 47th G7 summit scheduled for 11–13 June 2021 in the United Kingdom while it holds the presidency of the G7. The participants will include the leaders of the seven G7 member states as well as representatives of the European Union. The President of the European Commission has been a permanently welcome participant at all meetings and decision-making since 1981, while the current President of the European Council has been the EU’s co-representative since the 36th G8 summit, hosted by Canada in 2010. The Right Honorable, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi, Yoshihide Suga, Joe Biden, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel, Scott Morrison, Narendra Modi, Moon Jae-I, Cyril Ramaphosa, participants of the meeting. All hosted by Right Honorable Boris Johnson in the UK on 11-13 June 2021 will create an amazing agenda; the real test is in declaring innovative excellence and national mobilization of programs key elements to create harmoniously global impact on post pandemic economies. The challenge is to ask the ‘most difficult’ questions. The G7 nations will debate while the remaining some 190 Countries watch and try to apply to their own critical paths, hopefully more honest and mature dialogue will appear.

Questions for G7: Here are some key global observations suggested as topics trying to understand futurism:In need of revolutionary minds to conquer something of value for humankindto isolate grassroots prosperity as the most critical issue. Needed are special series of high caliber debates and discussions to foster local economic growth across the world.  Is suggesting to G7 a very good start, or what else do you recommend?

The Key Suggested Hot Topics:

Dawn of Thinker-Gatherers; The largest number of people ever assembled across the world and forced to follow beingremote, isolated, lock downed, displaced, replaced, misplaced, officeless, workless, while able to feel emotionally, suffer economically and think critically, building courage strong enough to face the truth, finally come to some enlightenment of sorts. Do they see dawn, sunshine or sunset? How prepared are national leaders to articulate their own vision of common good and own ideas of local prosperity.

Nouveau Occupationalism; Futurism is disrupting labor-productivity, workforce and Human Resource management. Brand new occupational tasks needed with full comprehension of ‘AI + AR + VR + Remote’ platforms but all this as subservient to our superior mental contributions in our new but respectable occupations. The new world now needs more humanity, like the rise of the Vice President of Thinking and Director of Human Intelligence but clearly differentiated from Captain of Robotic Sniper Dogs. Where is the voice of corporate leadership on AI centricity versus humanity?

Common good is now a common global cause; Success is not in super-complex-manipulated-numbers but hidden in simple adding correctly with real math to tabulate real value creation via human toil of productivity and performance resulting in grassroots prosperity, the collective global leadership must create new measurements. Why are global institutions and trade groups already riding on global rhetoric of commerce, submissive to bureaucratic processes and crypto-hype and not tabling pragmatic and immediately implementable futuristic solutions?

Portability of Industrial Plants; brought nations to their knees, will they ever stand up again? Will exportability of remote workers on virtualized global platforms cover some losses? If a million qualified entrepreneurs were allowed to land in a nation on special permits to mobilize the economy of the nation because academia and government both not only failed to create armies of entrepreneurs but also equally created sophisticated fighting soldiers to fight wars. The notion of expansive and super selected business education served us well during the last century but is questionable today. Which nation is bold enough to discuss such topics openly?

Exportability of Democracy; brought tribalism to its own streets. Will it ever fix the local-social-crisis? Why should we leave all this to historians of latter day millennia to recapture today as our dark days? Should we let them write about why fake-prosperity on its own, without ‘grassroots prosperity’ selling overseas such notions of freedom while sacrificing other cultures to such fakery is nothing but sin? Which leadership is planning a sea change of thinking on such affairs and have an open agenda to discuss or define democracies?

Power of invisible algorithms; when national leadership simply is not skilled enough to question anything on mystery of economic numbers, is there any need to become master crypto-coder or what is required is new realization on how economies are already high-jacked in daylight. Which financial, academic or institutional body is ready to engage to solve such challenges of basic math?

Sound bites articulating the future of a nation; Teleprompters glorified, but messages lost as routine sound bites, citizens wander, when leadership becomes some virtual reality act managed by special teams of sorts. Is it about time to strip naked the heart and soul of the nation?  When will we see frank and honest narratives?

Conclusion: A brighter future awaits; 50% of the world will open commerce, 50% of the global populace will also open their mind, 50% of the current ‘going forward economic development models may not survive. There are some fine teams, some highly articulate leadership and some thriving economies. The challenges are to bring them all together so humankind divides narrow and global collaborative synthesizing rises. Nevertheless, the technology will shine to fill the gaps with speed and efficiency on digital platforms economies leaving paper-based-economies in the dustbin. Plan wisely, submerge in lifelong learning, the Covidians of the world have a full decade of challenging economic disruptions. The issues of climate change and environment are only solved when grassroots prosperity provides full stomach to figure out the working of minds and acquire truthful clarity of common good, otherwise such notions are just expensive global advertising campaigns of smoke and mirrors. Global goals must be for global common good.

Dive deep into futurism but not like an AI Robot, but like a common human being searching for common good.

The rest is easy