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Economies of The Future & Displaced Workers

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Nassem Javed

Pandemic may be over within the next 1000 days but the economic recovery may linger another next 10,000 days. Across the world, the future workers desperately seek “occupationalism” any occupational activities, like upskilling and reskilling to see their future clearly, otherwise, sluggish economies only headed towards turning restless citizenry towards populism.

Unlike other earth shattering global calamities, this one leaves big footprints on our times. Nations still collecting pebbles on stormy seashore called now to prove the mastery of covidism; skills and experiences to deliver transformation with better understanding of diversity, tolerance, otherwise, what a waste of masks, respirators and body bags.  The old broken fake systems declared suffocating growth and grassroots prosperity now need elimination. Without truth, there can never be diversity, without wisdom no tolerance and without integrity no prosperity… track down the trail of silence and force open honest dialogue. Eliminate their fears and embrace change as a new dawn.

New journeys to new economic frontiers now demand new road warriors;

Displaced Workers: Like a perfect storm, the pandemic recovery has suddenly displaced a billion plus workers around the world; big and small countries and enterprises in upwards and downwards economies, now on verge of collapsing. Trillions in stimulus is not showing progress, panicky aid-programs are not uplifting… brand-new thinking and working models needed. Middle-Class Grassroots Prosperity challenges are not social media hot topics but rather cruel measurements of economic survivals. No further proof required.

Two solutions: Nation-by-nation creating upskilling as a national mandate may avoid restless citizenry magnetized to populism. When tackling local-national-global economic growth problems, the best way forward is to build real ‘value-creation’ economies. This is very different and in contrast to scheming ‘value-manipulation’ bubbles. Once developed nations abandoned their small medium manufacturing and allowed their local towns and villages to go dark created imbalances and inequalities. Currently absent, the new economies need brand new measurements of economic activities to get a real picture.

Replaced Workers: Like rivers breaking down dams the gushing technologies have now also replaced hundreds of millions workers, almost free digitization and power of Artificial Intelligence has systematically stolen work from traditional paper processing models and production stations creating large oceans of job-redundancies. Seek and destroy economies only created trade-wars. Lack of upskilling, reskilling absent for the last decades have now all come to bite. No further proof required.

Two solutions: City-by-city, educating on how to humanize artificial intelligence and encourage reskilling at a faster pace to stay ahead of technology progressions. Changing a smart, educated and experienced person is hard; without open-mindedness and real global travel experience, it is almost impossible to shed parochial and cultural biases through Social Media literacy and Hollywood brainwashing. Therefore, deeper understandings are necessary, global age skills critical and mindset transformation to advance on prosperity. Otherwise, restless citizens occupy main boulevards of the world.

Misplaced Workers: Like a bolt of lightning blinding leadership to ignore human talents, misplaced billion workers in wrong places. Sacrificed mostly to mismatch jobs, wrong-titles, wrong-floors, wrong-mandates now such discrepancies add up as the biggest losses to the world-economy.  Fact: Test any organization in the world and discover why 70% of workers with untapped skills and talents forced into groves and silos under fermented bureaucracies. The Floor plans, the “In” and “Out” trays and traditional procedures bury all innovative and creative out of the box thinking. Silence rewarded for protecting incompetency and risk taking shunned for internal fears.

Today, 70% of the workforce of the world is misplaced; as we move towards advanced technologies, the most valuable assets are not IT floors and robots but the human power with untapped and never discovered talent ignored for short-term goals. Management took the easy ways and Human Resources had their tool-kits with colorful Post-it notes and color-hats to define personalities and future trajectory of personal, seriously hurting productivity, performance and profitability of enterprises across the world. Technology progression will shrink a century into a single decade, leaving humankind gasping for skills to cope with such speeds. As less than 1% are coders the remaining world of the 99% needs national mobilization of entrepreneurialism and optimization of other skills to achieve grassroots prosperity. No further proof required.

Two solutions: Enterprise-by-enterprise, the art of real value creation enforced and mobilization of entrepreneurialism to break out of old models and transform into new butterflies.  The size and spectrum of the world is unfathomable. With small medium or large businesses, all is needed a global-age mind where some 200 nations with 5,000 cultures reside in some 10,000 cities and a million small villages. Entrepreneurial leadership during the last centuries created earth-shattering progress on such thinking principles. Study blue prints on national mobilization to create million-job creation models… discover advanced skills on how to mobilize, digitize, and optimize in simultaneous synchronization

The pandemic recovery is already an open challenge to institutionalized bureaucracies of the world. Start by asking the difficult questions. Are cities and national regions ready for national mobilization of entrepreneurialism?  Are national Chambers of Commerce and top Trade Associations in agreement on upskilling small medium enterprises? Is there a nation-by-nation agenda to quadruple innovative excellence and exportability?  How skilled are local leaderships of agencies on such national-global deployments? How simultaneous synchronization uplifts, up skills of 10,000 to 1000,000 SME on a fast track basis? Study Expothon Project on Google. How these issues are not new funding hungry, they are execution starved, and so what is stopping? How a national umbrella created via Live Roundtable discussions and streamed to 1000, or 100,000 stakeholders will shape the future of any nation? Transform, wake up as a butterfly, and leave the chrysalis behind. The rest is easy.