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“Kashmir is the paradise of the world and painful request”

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M.Abaid Manj

Kashmir is the place of the mortal world which was awarded the title of Paradise. Power bestowed this garland of beauty on this valley. This valley like Paradise is superior to 133 countries of the world in terms of boundaries and quarters.  Lord Mountbatten’s signature on an area of ​​222,236 square kilometers made it hell. Gandhi’s wife confessed this some time ago.  Regionally, Kashmir includes Gilgit-Baltistan, Ladakh, Aqsa-e-Chen, Siachen Valley, Shikagam, Jammu and Azad Kashmir.  Kashmir is mainly located between the borders of the three countries.  India has Kashmir Valley, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. According to this calculation, India has a total area of ​​one lakh one thousand thirteen hundred and eighty seven square kilometers which is 46% of the total area.China, India once fought for territories in 1962.  In which India lost thirty six thousand eight hundred and thirteen square kilometers out of one hundred and thirty eight thousand two hundred square kilometers.  According to official figures, the identification of the total area has always been incorrect.

India occupies an area of ​​approximately 15948 sq km of Kashmir Valley, 26293 sq km of Jammu and Kashmir and 59146 sq km of Ladakh.  Similarly, Pakistan has an area of ​​38% of the total area.  Pakistan includes Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan. Gilgit-Baltistan is about 82,420 sq km and Azad Kashmir is 1,680 sq km under Pakistan’s control.  In 1848, the Dogra Raja annexed Gilgit-Baltistan, Hunza and Nagar to his state. In 1947, these areas were liberated with the help of the tribes and the Gilgit-Baltistan Scouts.  After 17 days of independence, these areas became part of Pakistan.The third country, China, has a total area of ​​16% of this paradise and the areas of Aqsai Chen, Shikagam.  And an agreement was signed between China in which 5180 square kilometers were exchanged from 1942. India could not digest this. In 1984, Indian and Pakistani armies came face to face. In 2017, the population of Kashmir was close to 18586656.  According to the 2011 Indian Census, the population of Kashmir Valley was 6888475, Jammu and Kashmir 5378538 and Ladakh 274288.  There are 6045336 inhabitants in Pakistan. In the part of Pakistan 99% are Muslims while in the part of India also 95% are Muslims and 4 are Hindus.  Jammu is home to 30% Muslims, 66% Hindus and 4% other religions. Ladakh has 46% Muslims, 50% Buddhists and 4% other settlers. According to the 2011 census, Jammu and Kashmir has a population of 68% Muslims.  The sufferings that started from the time of Ranjit Singh have not yet left the footsteps of the Muslims.Three names of the Dogra family reached heights, including Dhyan Singh, Gulab Singh and Sachit Singh. They were from the Rajput nation.  Gulab Singh was made Raja of Jammu. Around 1820, Ranjit Singh snatched Kishtwar and Ladakh and handed them over to Dhyan Singh.

The British sold the state of Kashmir to Maharaja Gulab Singh for Rs 7.5 million in March 1846. After that, Ranbir Singh, Pratab Singh and Hari Singh saw a period of rule.  July 13, 1931 was the day when 22 children of Islam drank the cup of martyrdom to complete an adhan.  The independence movement gained momentum with a grand gathering in Jammu and Kashmir on June 21, 1931, when Abdul Qadir, a young man from the NWFP, reinforced the slogan of independence.  Will play bricks. ”  A case of sedition was registered against the youth. During the trial, 22 youths were martyred one after the other by firing bullets while giving azan for prayers.  After August 14, 1947

On October 24, 1947, Kashmir started functioning as an independent state. Hari Singh left the decision to the people to decide which country they would like to be. As soon as they heard the announcement, the people raised their voices in favor of Pakistan.  The Indian Army was deployed in the region.Quaid-e-Azam signaled to General Gracie of Pakistan to withdraw his army.  This line of misfortune came to India from Britain from Mountbatten and his wife Keenchhane. This was revealed by Sri Rajiv Dixit, who sat on India’s national TV eight years ago today.  Argued that

Adona Mountbatten can convince all the great politicians of India (Gandhi). Therefore, Adona should go for this mission. Until 1946, the situation was to make Nehru the Prime Minister of India and Quaid-e-Azam the Deputy Prime Minister.  The couple’s attempts to split up took a long time.  The great leaders of both the states were taught their rights. But the leaders were well aware of the aspects of this message. On August 14, 1947, the two nations were divided, not the territories.  It was just a collision that women were used on both sides to get. It was a paradise like Kashmir. Mountbatten drew the line in favor of Gandhiji but the loss of the results fell on the shoulders of the states. The armies clashed.  Came to the fore.

When Gandhi saw the defeat of his army, he took the case to the UN for a ceasefire. In nine years, seven resolutions were tabled at the UN.The first appeared on January 5, 1949, the second on March 14, 1950, the third on November 10, 1951, the fourth on December 23, 1952, the fifth on January 24, 1957, the last on February 21, 1957, and the last on December 2, 1957.  The people have every right to decide their future through a referendum. Until 1989, this process continued at the mercy of patience and global intervention, but India’s interference in the 1987 elections and the distribution of seats to pro-India people.  Syed Salahuddin and Syed Ali Shah Gilani of the United Jihad Council had participated in the democratic referendum for the voice of Kashmiris. The series of 22 martyrdoms of July 13, 1931 is not an end in itself.

By December 2018, 95,265 Kashmiris have departed from this paradise in this caravan of freedom. 40,568 people have drifted away from their loved ones in other incidents. 7120 in custodial killing, 145504 arrests of civilians, destruction of buildings 109201, women  Widowed 22896, number of orphans 107754 cases of gang rape with her 11111 exposed by Indian Army  In the year 2019, cruelty and barbarism were crossed. On August 5, 2019, the Government of India revoked the special status and limited sovereignty of Kashmir under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.  It tormented the lives of eight million people.  Life is paralyzed. This lockdown of 9 months and 18 days is a telling proof not only of Kashmiris but also of human rights violations.After this operation, many attempts were made by the international human rights organizations but to no avail.  Media workers were barred from working on October 3, 2019. The Internet and all other services were cut off so that they could report their situation.

On October 1, 2019, a three-judge committee was constituted comprising N. V. Sharma, Ramayyagari Subhash Reddy, Bhushan Ramkrishna Gavi. The Supreme Court of India heard seven petitions but the proposed law was not passed.  On October 4, 2019, the Indian government barred US Senators Chris Van Helen and Sandip Pandey from traveling to Srinagar airport to keep matters secret.  On October 24, 2019, all political parties opposed this. People from India started raising their voices in favor of the Kashmiri people. The situation was getting worse and worse as Narendra Modi spread religious superstitions against Muslims in India. Based on the Citizenship and Document Bill passed.  On the occasion of the arrival of the US President in India, slogans of peace and great India were echoing in the stadium while outside the houses were being set on fire and shrines were being insulted.  In front of the Owaisi brothers of Hyderabad, the Modi government remained cowardly and failed in its arguments.

Today, the front page operators of the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat continue to call Hindus the real heirs of the country in India.  Religious fire (which was not and will not be a part of any Muslim country) favors Muslims as terrorists, but why was the RSS organization of the Prime Minister of India not declared a terrorist organization?  Shiv Sena threatened to uproot the pitch of Pakistani players and stadium but did not give any speech?  Islamia University in Delhi Muslim students were tortured in public No action was taken Why?Kashmir has been a valley of fire for the last better year but there is only a preliminary war!  Homeless people have been deprived of food and drink for nine months and business has come to a standstill.  A shower of bullets is like water falling from the sky.  Adhans were banned in mosques and punishment was imposed for prayers.

What ray of goodness is awakening in the minds of children by tarnishing the shadow of father and public honor of mother from the heads of children?  Two hundred politicians were arrested and one hundred Hurriyat leaders were put behind bars. Burhan Wani was martyred in 2016. In their war of independence, millions of mothers handed over their livers to the valleys. In rivers of blood.  Raised children will be bloodthirsty.  Global peace activists have to use their skills only for the sake of the lives of Kashmiris. To survive, you have to tear your modesty at night and slaughter children and shoot them in the eyes.  Man considers his death a priority and an honor. But as a Muslim, it is a constitutional and religious duty to speak out against oppression.  The voice of the oppressed and the story of Kashmir is being written only with the blood of Muslims. Their defense is presented in different forms in different countries but in Islam it is called jihad.  The voice against the oppressor and the violence against a great empire like Kashmir is the jihad of Kashmiris against India.