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The coming decade determines the future of MENA states

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The Middle East will be witnessing the greatest amount of change in the coming 10 years with its stocks trend a wide array from flimsy growth and development to long-lasting volatility and potential regional conflicts. The Arab state structure is under battering with fragmentation of some countries. However, the economic outlook is not brighter even with some positive figures in the past few months due to healthy oil prices as high unemployment rates will be the common phenomenon in the region along with demographic hike in the number of the youth who seek jobs.

This hefty youthful population should be an advantage, but is more prospective to be a subverting force given the high levels of joblessness in the region, including the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.  This will be aggravating when it comes to a combination of unemployment with higher food prices, posing a high risk on Middle Eastern states politically, economically, socially and security wise.