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Syrian Air Forces Conducted 168 Sorties, Hit 190 Terrorist Targets

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The Syrian Air Forces have conducted 168 sorties and hit 190 terrorists targets since mid-December, the Syrian Army spokesman Brig.Gen. Ali Maihub said.

“Between December 17 and December 26 the Syrian Air Forces conducted 168 sorties hitting 198 terrorist targets in the provinces of Homs, Hama, Idlib, Aleppo and Damascus suburb. These airstrikes have destroyed terrorists’ command posts and strongholds,” Maihub told journalists.

According to him, three Daesh (also known as ISIL/ Islamic State) command centers and a column of trucks carrying terrorists were destroyed near Homs.Twenty two command and communication centers, three terrorists’ strongholds were destroyed in the Aleppo suburb, Brig.Gen. Ali Maihub added.

He also noted, that in the Idlib suburb the Syrian aviation has destroyed a column of cars carrying terrorists.

The Syrian forces have also managed to eliminate Mohammed al-Masaalm, the leader of the so called Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front, according to the official representative of the Syrian Arab Army Brigadier General Ali Maihub.

The leader of the Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front was killed in the Damascus Province, Maihub told media.

“A large number of terrorists were eliminated, including the leader of the so called Syrian Revolutionaries’ Front Mohammed al-Masaalm,” he said.

“The forces of the Syrian Arab Army destroyed armored vehicles and three trucks with mounted heavy machineguns to the south of the al-Manshia district of the city of Daraa; they’ve also launched strikes against terrorist groups hiding in a refugee camp to the south of the Busra Square, to the north of the boys’ school, to the south of the power company buiding, and along the Daraa-Mahapta road,” Maihub added.