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US, Britain Want to ‘Weaken EU, Impoverish Russia’

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Washington and London have very specific plans regarding continental Europe and Russia: they want to weaken the first and impoverish the latter to prevent them from uniting into a force to be reckoned with.

 Otherwise, the US policy towards Europe and Russia does not make any sense.

“Modern Russia is a capitalist, democratic and Christian country with a European culture. Unlike Russia, the United States has never been a part of Europe. Without Russia Europe is culturally mutilated, while Russia without Europe feels marginalized,” observed Il Giornale, an Italian newspaper.

Cold War era is gone; the times of bitter confrontation are long over. Yet, the United States treats Russia as if it still were the Soviet Union, noted the media outlet.

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The US transformed NATO from an anti-Soviet into an anti-Russian bloc to drive a wedge between Europe and Russia.This was done to prevent the two from forging a culturally homogenous alliance, whose political and economic power could match that of China and counter the Islamic world, according to the media outlet.

Apparently, this scenario is highly unfavorable for the United States and Britain.

“Wishing to preserve their hegemony, [Washington and London] create tensions between Russian and the European Union through the Ukrainian crisis,” Il Giornale said.

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The Anglo-Saxon policy in the Middle East has turned the Islamic world into a turbulent region plagued by extremist violence.Take a look at just one nation shattered by Washington and London. “They destroyed Gaddafi in Libya leaving the country in the hands of Islamists widespread in Africa and migrants are now flooding our countries,” the newspaper noted.

According to Il Giornale, this is what the foreign policy of the United States and Britain boil down to.

They “want to keep the EU weak and powerless and treat it like a colony. They also want to keep Russia impoverished and alone in the face” of the global challenges, including the Islamist threat, Il Giornale concluded.